Recreational Scuba Diving ~ from beginner to experienced

With around 70% of our earth covered in water, learning to scuba dive is more than just a new hobby or rewarding achievement; it’s a chance to explore another dimension of our planet that many people will sadly miss. It’s so much more than counting fish or getting underwater, between shipwrecks, coral gardens, human-made statues and conservation projects, becoming PADI® certified opens up a whole other level of travel that wasn’t possible before taking that first breath underwater.

All courses are based on a building-block and performance-based framework. Entry-level courses emphasize practical knowledge, safety and motor skills. Scuba courses are available including Discover and Refresher Scuba, Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue, Divemaster training, and Instructor development.

The DAN® courses are designed to help students learn how to develop, demonstrate, and practice skills for duty of care and emotional distress. Training in diving emergency preparation, first aid response and assessment, oxygen administration, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) techniques and equipment, neurological assessment, secondary care, and hazardous marine life care are all available. We promise that it will change your world.

Diveheart® works to build confidence, independence and self-esteem in children, adults and veterans of all abilities through scuba diving, scuba therapy and related activities. Utilizing certified adaptive dive buddies, Diveheart provides safe and inclusive activities for adaptive divers to enjoy the wonders of the aquatic world. Diveheart focuses on abilities not disabilities to instill the can do spirit, it is our hope to inspire participants to take on challenges that before might have seemed impossible.

“ The best way to observe a fish is to become a fish ”

- Jacques Yves Cousteau

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Learn the ins-and-outs of SCUBA diving from Instructors and Divemasters with more than 100 years of combined teaching experience.

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