Keith Robinson

Keith Robinson

Keith began his Scuba training at Ga Tech around 2009 taking the Scuba1 course that was offfered.

He was quickly hooked on the sport and got very serious about mastering his skills and the knowledge that is the core of the sport. In the years to follow Keith completed his Advanced certifications, his Rescue training and several DAN courses. Today he is one of GTScuba's elite Divemasters and a staple within the program.

He has participated and supported 7 of Georgia Tech's international spring break trips to places such as Bonaire, Cozumel, Nassau, and Grand Cayman. He has also provided his support on several of the instructor led trips to the Florida Keys.

Keith works for the Georgia Tech Research Corporation (GTRC). He is an ultra-marathoner (meanig that he runs a lot). You can usually find Keith on any given morning working out at the Campus Recreation Center on campus.

“ Learning Scuba is one of the best things I’ve done. ”

- Keith Robinson

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