David Anderson

Jim COnsuegra

David’s first introduction to SCUBA was tales from his dad about his dad’s experience in SCUBA. He’d ordered SCUBA gear from the back of a comic book, with no certification necessary, just a torn in half piece of paper with three instructions:

  • Never Hold Your Breath
  • Never come up faster than your smallest bubble
  • Never use more than one tank a day
  • Needless to say … diving has come a long way since then.

    A steady diet of flipper reruns on TBS just intensified his desire to some day get under the water. In 1987 while he was a student at Georgia Tech (class of 88) he finally was able to get his Open Water certification. Things quickly progressed through Advanced Open Water and Rescue, and he started working on Divemaster.

    Life kept intruding on him however, and it was over 20 years before he finally completed his divemaster certification. After working for a while with the GT SCUBA program he got his instructor rating during Georgia Tech’s first IDC – Instructor Development Course.

    During an on and off diving career he’s been lucky enough to dive in various locations around the world, from many locations in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico, the Sea of Cortex, Palau and Yap, the Maldives, and others. You will usually see him lugging around his camera to take some underwater photos of what he sees.

    David's favorite dive location is Palau, Micronesia. His favorite critter - the Porcupine Fish and his favorite trip "WHichever one comes next"

    “Education is not the learning of facts, it’s rather the training of the mind to think.”

    - Albert Einstein

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