Lorant Kovacs

Lorant Kovacs

Lorant started diving in 2007 where he gathered diving experience in the Red Sea, North Sea,
the Pacific, US West Coast and the Caribbean.

In 2015 Lorant joined the Divemaster program at Ga Tech and worked tirelessly to develop the skill sets and experiences needed for a leadership position in the sport. Eventually he enrolled in the PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) and the Instructor Evaluation (IE) with flying colors to become a PADI Open Water Instructor. Today he is a valued member of the GTScuba staff and brings a unique set of skils and experiences to the team. Lorant enjoys both cold and warm water diving as well as quarries and lakes. His favorite diving adventures include wrecks, drift, night dives and diving Nemo33 and Y40.

Unfortunetely, Lorant suffers from a rare disorder where he believes that everything and anything that has ever been deemed great was originated by a Hungarian. Regardless, he is one of our own and a favorite with students and staff. Lorant takes pride in ensuring that each one of his students reaches their highest potential and is representative of the GT brand.

“He moves in water with minimum waste and maximum joy”
- anonymous

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