The Serengeti ~ An African Safari

"This was a photograper's dream week and there were plenty of animals and scenery at every turn.”

Our group of nine arrived at our hotel in Moshi at the foot of Kilimanjaro where the group met up with our four Kilimanjaro climbers who had just completed their 9-day climb. This rag-tag combined group of 13 venturetrek'rs (who typically spend their time underwater) began the safari the very next day without missing a beat.

Day 1 was spent in the Lake Manyara area - most known for baboons, the lake and its environs is also home to herbivores such as hippos, impalas, elephants, wildebeests, buffalo, warthogs and giraffes.

Days 2~4 were spent exploring the Serengeti park itself. It is hard to imagine that the huge landscape in front of us contained so much wildlife and one of the most important ecosystems on our planet! These three days included a visit to the Masai village, a hot air Balloon excursion across the plains, photo encounters with hippos, elephants, lions (lots of lions), and cheetahs. Each night included nightly campfires, at our campside in the heart of the bush.

Days 5 was spent exploring the NgoroNgoro crater. The steep walls of the Crater function as a natural boundary where we were able to photograph Elephants, Lions, Zebra, Wildebeasts and even caught a glimpse of the rarest animals: the Rhino and the Leopard. We also stopped at the site of the place where the oldest humanoids were found by the Leakeys, the birthplace of humanity.

Day 6 brought our expedition to a close as we took one last view of God's playground.

We invite you to share in some of our favorite memories - enjoy

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