Cancellation Policy

Sometimes weather conditions and/or unforseen events may be considered a life-threatening challenge and/or safety hazard. Should this result then we may be forced to reschedule your charter. Many dealers and providers of service around the world publish a strict no-refund and/or non-transferable policy. It is for this reason that we "STRONGLY" suggest that our clients invest in trip insurance to protect their investment ~ ALWAYS!

There are several insurance carriers that we recommend including the Divers Alert Network and Dive Assure.

In almost every case we are able to negotiate a rescheduling of a cancelled trip/charter "as a group" at no additional charge to you. This would of course not include any outside charges that you may have incurred as a result of this trip (airlines, hotels, etc). We also understand that a rescheduled "group" date may not be convienient to all of the members within the group. Trip insurance would protect you from that as well. Again, ALWAYS!

Our payment cancellation policy aligns itself with many reputable service providers. Please read below and ensure that you have made yourself aware of this policy. This policy applies to any individual or group cancellation after payments have been recieved by venturetrek, Inc.

1. More than nine (9) months prior to departure, then there is No Penalty
2. Nine (9) months to 181 days prior to departure, then 25% of full rate will be forfeited
3. 180 - 91 days prior to departure, 50% of the full rate will be forfeited
4. 90 days or less prior to departure, 100% of the full rate will be forfeited and no refund is available

Any variations to this cancellation policy will be noted for each supplier. In addition to the above summary and/or any supplier (hotel, car, dive operator, etc) venturetrek,Inc will assess the following administrative penalties if any cancellation occurs:

1. 61 days or more prior to arrival $50 per person,
2. Unused portions of package are nonrefundable and non transferrable.