November 4th 9:00am Depart Ft. Lauderdale(offical start of the trip)
NO DIVING TODAY 11:00am Arrive in Bimini
  1:00pm Room Check in - Explore / Pool / Beach / Other
  5:00pm More pool time / Dinner
November 5th 8:00am Breakfast
  9:00am Dives 1 & 2 (Reef Dives)
  1:00pm Lunch
  2:00pm Beach and Pool Time
  6:00pm Relax / Dinner / Other
November 6th 8:00am Breakfast
  11:00am 2-Tank Hamerhead Dives
  5:00pm Arrive back at the Dock
  6:00pm Relax / Dinner/ Other
NOvember 7th 8:00am Breakfast
  9:00am 1-Tank Drift Dive (Continental Shelf) & shallow 1- tank dive
  1:00PM Return to Dock
  2:00pm lunch
  6:00pm Relax / Beach-pool / Dinner/ Other
NOvember 8th 7:00am Breakfast
  8:00am 2- tank Drift DIve (Tuna Alley / Victory Reef Area)
    (divers responsible to bring lunch from local)
  3:00pm Return to Dock
  4:00pm Check out the island or just relax
  6:00pm Relax / pool / Dinner/ Other
November 9th 8:00am Breakfast
  9:00am Bull Shark Cage Dive
  11:30aM lunch
  1:30pm Wild Dolphin Safari
  5:00pm return to Dock
  6:00pm Relax / pool / Dinner/ Other
NOvember 10th 8:00am Breakfast
  9:00am Beach / Pool Time / OTher
  11:00AM 2-Tank Hamerhead Dives
  5:00pm Return to DOck
  6:00pm Relax / Dinner/ Other Famous 7SD/venturetrek Punch Party
November 11th 7:00am Breakfast
NO DIVING TODAY 8:00am Beach and Pool Time
  Noon Lunch
  1:30pm Explore Bimini some more
  7:30pm Departure from Bimini
  9:30pm Arrive in Ft. Lauderdale (official end to the trip)

Our proposed agenda includes 10 adventure dives around the Bimini area as well as the Wild Dolphin Safari. We hope to (although not guaranteed in case of weather) dive the Tuna Alley/Victory Reef area for some amazing wall diving and the same for the most exhilirating 7 minutes of your life at 130 feet on the edge of Continental Shelf. The Continental shelf dive will be led by instructor(s) and Divemaster(s) and is an optional dive for any of our qualified divers.

Schedules are subject to change due to weather or unforeseen events.