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Key Largo dive tripKey Largo - (July 27th-29th) (New) We will be diving once again with the Rainbow Reef Dive Center. Our planned agenda will be made up of four 2-tank dives across three days that will include a deep dive, and a twilight and night dive (all weather permitting). We will be offering certifications to students as well as some good ole' fun diving for the rest of the gang. Come join us and lets keep this party going.


Cayman Aggressor tripCayman Aggressor - (June 16th-23rd 2018) We are still scheduled to depart on the new Cayman Aggressor V boat (due to launch prior to our trip) although the Aggressor IV is our back up should the boat not be ready. We have been sold out with 18 members of our World Travel Fraternity (WTF) for over a year. But..... there are still 2 spots available that are only available to us. We would love to have you join us and become part of the W.T.F.

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