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Key Lime Pie (Key Largo Style) In the late 90s there was a place in Key Largo called the Tiki-Bar. The original place burned down sometime back but I was able to get a great recipe for Key Lime pie.

The Dirty Monkey with a Long Tail A few years Venturetrek visited the Fiesta Americana resort for a dive expedition. During our stay we discovered this drink and soon we were all hooked - Probably about a million calories per sip but well worth it.

The Bimini (Hooch-Pooch) Punch I was first introduced to this concoction at Sandy Springs Divers Divers in the early 90s during our secret certification ceremonies. The original bartender was none other than Mr. Jack Foster who later bestowed the recipe to me. Over the years it has matured into what connoisseurs consider a "quaint yet non-abrasive" mixture. For years people have been after me for the secret mixture so I thought it was time. I will warn you however, the exact taste can only be reproduced in Bimini.


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