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Highlights from 2012

Great White Thumb

Guadalupe, Mexico - (August 2012) Isla Guadalupe was definetely an adreneline rush. Our eight adventure seeking divers jumped into the cold Pacific to capture a managerie of pictures and videos. All departed with a newly revived respect for these magnificant creatures. I hope that some of that feeling comes across in my video. Key Largo Thumb

Key Largo, Florida - (June 2012) Special thanks to Jim Demmers for his video and, August Heim and Brandon Sforzo for their photo submissions. Great diving during the final days of June and the first week of July.

Cozumel Thumb

Cozumel, Mexico - (March 2012) Year 2 of the Georgia Tech/Venturetrek spring-break trip. All were witness to awesome drift diving and a touch of Cenotes. The trip was a total sell out with a combined group size of 42 that enjoyed another perfect experience. Along the way, we introduced several new Open and Advanced Open Water Divers.
Turks Thumb

Turks and Caicios Aggressor"Take II"- (March 2012) This time there was no hurricane and this time we were able to take in all that the rich walls of the TUrks and caicos had to offer. I've said it before nad I will say it again, the boat is an awesome vessel and their crew spectacular.
Tough Mudder Thumb

The Georgia Tough Mudder - (February 2012) Colin Lehman strapped a camera to his head and captured some memorable team moments. Special kudos to him for letting us use it. If you look hard enough you will see clips of our five crazies (Lyle Colon, Gary Hawkins, Erin Hewett, Colin Lehman and me).

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