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Highlights from 2011

Turks Thumb

Turks and Caicios Aggressor - (August 2011) The boat is an awesome vessel and their crew spectacular. There was more food and drink than anyone could handle, super service and a host of excitement for our seventeen. We were forced to halt our diving in mid-stream to welcome in our eighteenth passenger "Hurricane Irene". Although we did not get all of our dives in however, this trip will not soon be forgotten.

Key Largo Thumb Key Largo, Florida - (July 2011) and Key Largo, Florida - (August 2011) "New" The water temperatures were warm while the air was hot. The net gain - awesome diving. Two trips back-to-back 13 new Open Water Divers and 3 Advanced Open Water Divers emerged at the end of the multi-events and all happy campers. Some wondered off to Key West, others to South Beach and most hung out by the pool. Special thanks to Chuck Lampman, Thom Murrell and Cindy Consuegra for their photos.

Cozumel Thumb

Cozumel, Mexico - (March 2011) Thirty-two strong, drift-diving, night diving, calm seas, more food than anyone can handle, and dirty monkeys with long tails. Our combined Ga Tech and Venturetrek group of crazies enjoyed perfect weather, a great hotel and an amazing crew.

Crystal River Thumb

Crystal River and Rainbow River - (January 2011) January brought us one of the most amazing Manatee trips in years. Twenty-Seven happy snorkelers in all - the water and wildlife interactions were fantastic. We were blessed with dry days, lots of Manatees and a great group of people. Rainbow River was also amazing with crystal clear water and interesting wildlife.

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