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Chuck Lampman My current series of ramblings deals with some basic ideas that we should consider as part of any dive experience and although most are totally logical in thought - they very often go untapped and unimplemented. I've catagorized those thoughts into three general areas: Before the Wet, Bottom Time (Parts 1,2 & 3), and It Ain't Over till it's Over..

The first section that I entitled "Before the Wet" focused on some obvious areas of preparation and readiness. We also touched upon the fact that all the planning in the world can not replace some common sense ideas that you should take into account.

"Bottom Time" will be broken into three parts. Part 1 will review several important considerations as we enter the water and actually begin to descend. Obviously, there are many aspects that can not be placed in one single basket of ideas but generally, the areas that I will touch upon have made sense to me over the years. Part 2 will then focus specifically on bouyancy and especially on obtaining proper trim. Part 3 will venture into awareness, observation, navigation and our ascent to the surface. Finally, we will touch upon properly ending the experience. For now - I will assume that you've already read the first article on preparation - if not then go back and read it and do that now- jeeeze. Otherwise you may continue........

Bottom Time - (Part 1)

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